Opsasto – Operational Readiness Training – Dimitri Geelen

Opsasto - Operational Readiness Training - Dimitri Geelen

Enables organisations to introduce the operational readiness practice
90% of mastering a new skill is practice, practice, practice! We need to apply our knowledge and reflect on situations to put information into context.
That is why Opsasto offers on the job training with an operational readiness coach. The trainee will learn to apply operational readiness in actual situations.

The Opsasto training program has includes four stages –
Stage 1: The warming up – Trainee learns theory through self-study or classroom training
Stage 2: The apprentice period – apply theory in practice with a coach shadowing trainee sessions and evaluating with the trainee afterwards.
Stage 3: Becoming a master – Trainee now is fully independent and runs operational readiness activities. Still regularly connects with the coach for adhoc advice on scenarios and situations.
Stage 4: Mastery achieved – Trainee has become master and can start training other people.

Useful when: You want to introduce operational readiness in your organisation
Outcome: People that have followed the training are capable of applying the operational readiness ideas in practice
Investment: 9650,- ex. VAT for one trainee (request special arrangements for multiple trainees)

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