A famous quote from Peter Drucker says “

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all “

Businesses do not always have a clear and uniform apporach for prioritsing features in a product backlog.

Business Values Points can help to rationlize the feature priotisation decision making process.

  • Value drivers are derived from an agreed set of business values ,- and enterprise assurance objectives
  • BVP can easily be calculated by answering a few questions, for each value driver we ask how much the proposed feature is supporting the value
  • The BVP is calculated by multiplying the value score (0 does not support <–>5 completely support) with value driver weight (0 weightless<–>9 ultra heavy

BVP on their own are good to compare feature request with each other. BVP standalone do not offer collateral to asses the costs of investment or to evaluate the economic return. However You can set BVP of against costs to create a “heatmap”.

investment vs value heatmap

  • Define criteria for Low Risk , Low costs Features that the workstream can decide to pick-up by themselves (? irm ok, no arch impact, high business value, L&R needs)
  • Reserve a percentage of the budget to support this


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