Devops and Agile risks are often misunderstood (opsasto Q&A)

on 30 oct 2017 Bernell Geldenhuys Service Management Process Manager at De Sociale Verzekerings Bank asked:

“Hi Dimitri, read the article, very good insights and I can definitely see the benefits of this approach. However, I am curious though. Is this all applicable in a DevOps scenario where dev and ops works in 1 team and are fully responsible for the service as they say” you build it , you run it…. meaning no ‘actual’ handover to ops anymore.”

Dear Bernell

You are considering if there is value in ensuring Operational Readiness in DevOps. This is a very good question as risk management is often misunderstood. 

Empowerment facilitates people to make meaningful and valuable contributions.

I am a huge fan of empowerment because people (including myself) are motivated by making valuable and meaningful contributions.This also results in services that deliver are valuable to organisations.

Still DevOps doesn’t change the risks associated with software delivery.

DevOps doesn’t change the risks associated with software delivery

With properly implemented DevOps, the rigorous automation greatly reduces the likelihood that a coding or deployment mistake will occur and when they occur, the issues are resolved swifter. However, successful implementation of new services involves more than delivering code.

Let’s take the analogy of a restaurant kitchen to explore this further. When we are serve spoiled food, our customers get sick or could even die.. I doesn’t matter whether the food was made in an agile DevOps kitchen or in a more traditional Silo’ed kitchen.

Now, let us assume that we are capable to cook great food consistent and quick. This alone is still not enough to have a successful restaurant business. more is needed for the business to prosper and and evolve.

We can take this thought back to the IT domain, introducing and operating a successful service involves more than delivering great code.

Opsasto brings in a holistic organisational wide view.

Successful implementation of new software services and functionality involves several areas of business operations and the scope is increasingly widening due to digitalisation. Opsasto’s operational readiness addresses the limited tunnel focus of the more technically oriented Agile / DevOps practices and brings in a holistic organisational wide view. 

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