AGILE PROCESSES: Are you using the Service performance scorecard correctly? (hint: don’t use it as a disciplining tool)

I have seen some recent posts mentioning that the Service Level scorecards are becoming out of fashion and they are archaic instruments of an old fashion not so agile mind-set.

It is true that sometimes the scorecard can become part of a blame game. Some companies even use the scorecards to review a manager’s performance. All green is good and anything else is underperformance. This approach encourages avoidance of responsibility, it certainly also does not inspire ownership and is a killer for efficiency.

So, is it the tool or is it wielded by a fool?

A service performance scorecard can be a great tool to help us focus our attention where it matters most. Green is uninteresting, it is the (hopefully J) exception that matters and where our attention has the most value. My advice is to use them as risk management tools.

Here some tips:

opsasto-eight-service performance scorecard-tips

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