Sourcing for operational readiness

sourceWhy operational readiness matters!

An organization that doesn’t prepare for the operational phase can be found struggling with issues long after the introduction and as a result will have a lower return on their investment.

definition of sourcing

The Benefits of first time right

The cost for resolving an issue is generally significantly higher when the service is in full use that is why Opsasto aims to do it right the first time and ensure operational readiness before GoLive. A capable and ready organization will enable the business or the customer to use the IT service to its full potential and increase the return on investment.

How to source for operational readiness.

There are significant benefits in including Opsasto requirements in Request for Information and Request for Proposal.

The award of a service contract marks a milestone for an upcoming, long term and an often tight relationship between client and service provider.

The RFI and RFP sourcing events are opportunities for both organizations to prepare for successful contract execution. In particular the RFP event provides a stage to build a common understanding, to build a shared vision trough the exchange of thoughts, ideas and to align expectations.

Opsasto assurance in the Service Lifecycle


The RFI (Request for information) step is used to separate the likely less successful BID candidates from the possible more successful BID candidates and to bring the long list back to a shorter more manageable list. You will invite the remaining candidates to enter into a more detailed and more effort intensive RFP selection round.

The common RFI approach is to request high-level information that enables you to assess if the prospected service provider would in principle to be capable of delivering if a sustainable relationship can be built up.

There is no set standard for the RFI. however, my advice is: “less is more”. Try to ask a few broad questions that enable you to assess maturity, capability on key requirements and alignment on key principles. Consider, you also have to review all the answers.


In the RFP step you will go in more detail with a limited set of vendors. What you want to ask the vendors will depend on the situation. Questions should focus on trying to ensure secure and reliable operations, that there will be facilities in place to manage the service provider’s performance and to verify that Quality Requirements will be fulfilled. The output of the RFP can be used as input for the service transition, it provides the service scope and acceptance criteria.

Service Preparation

scoping, planning, delivery and verification of the Opsasto assurance areas.

Service Go Live

Undertake production verification steps, monitor the completion of the exit criteria. The project remains accountable for operations during the cutover period.

Agreement to operate

Formalized handover to operations, follows earlier agreed upon exit criteria. The project can release support resources.

Continuous improvement

Get feedback on SLA performance. Analyse the amber and red scores after six months to identify possible improvements in the Opsasto process. Get feedback from projects to ensure the process stays relevant and identify learnings from changes in other processes or services.


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